Knowledge and Skill to Support the Future of California

The California Policy Collaborative hosts an e-learning course and relationship building approach to support legislative staff as they build TK-12 foundational knowledge, skills and connections.

Our Mission

The California Policy Collaborative’s mission is to build the policy knowledge, expertise of and connections between policy staff through accurate and relevant content coupled with engaging, enriching and fun experiences, all for the ultimate benefit of California’s children and communities.

Professional TK-12 Policy Learning Community for Legislative Staff

The CPC approach builds on the science of adult learning and ensures that every programming design decision is grounded in the unique needs of legislative staff. With an initial 2022-23 cohort of legislative staff, this pilot will provide an opportunity for participants to effectively shape state policy with:

How the Course Works

Independent Study

Explore relevant, engaging content using an online learning system that allows learners to work at their own pace in preparation for corresponding in-person events.


Participate in networking opportunities intended to build comradery and support relationship building with your fellow legislative staff while applying course material.

with Experts

Engage in interactive, inquiry-based activities with leading California education experts, including fellow policy staff, researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders to exercise and amplify skills learned during each module.

Cohort Schedule

The program is conducted during the legislative recess, from September 2022 to January 2023.

Participant Eligibility

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Legislative staff

Legislative staff working in the Capitol, particularly those who staff members on education policy

Passionate About TK-12 Education Policy

Staff passionate about shaping Transitional Kindergarten-through-12th-grade education policy for future generations in California

Can participate 2 days a month for 5 months

Those who can devote some time 2 days a month for 5 months during the legislative recess (between September 2022 – January 2023), with a culminating event early in 2023

Open to providing feedback

Participant feedback - including post meeting surveys and a focus group - will shape the future of the California Policy Collaborative and future interactive policy learning cohorts.

Course Structure

The course sections are designed to build foundational California TK-12 policy knowledge and related skills. The five course sections in the pilot year include:

(September) – Delve into the diversity of California’s student population, demographic trends, and student outcomes, including emerging information on the impact of the pandemic – and the implications of these data for understanding and planning effective policy.

(October) – Learn how the State has approached its role and responsibilities regarding public education over time, including setting expectations for the education students receive and allocating authority to support meeting those expectations.

(November) – Discover more about how public schools are financed and some of the driving factors that have led to the overall amount invested and how it is distributed among local education agencies – and within them.

(December) – Investigate the State’s role in teaching and learning, including the connection between content standards, curriculum, assessment, teacher credentialing, and training.

(January) – Explore the multiple mechanisms the State uses to promote accountability, including those that shape inputs, processes, and desired outcomes.

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